75 pages plus a full-colour gallery of garments. Published February 2019 by Beverly V. Johnson (your Fairy Bra Mother)

Discription from the the author/publisher: 

What You’ll Learn in Make & Fit Bralettes: The Make & Fit Bralettes Book begins by identifying the reasons why you might want to have a bralette collection in your lingerie drawers and how to determine your size in a bralette pattern. We’ll explain the fabrics, laces, elastics and hardware you can use and what techniques you’ll need to learn in order to guarantee perfect results. Learn to fit the bralette and alter it for any fitting challenges you may face. You’ll see how to lay out the fabric, whether you are using fabric, lace or foam lining – yes, you’ll learn to perfectly mirror laces for that ready-to-wear look!

Now comes the fun part – the sewing! If you have never worked with lightweight knits or foam lining before, there is nothing to fear. Use the right thread, an appropriate needle, and step-by-step instructions and you will be sewing these wonderful garments like a professional. Elastic seems to cause angst for many sewists, but not you! The lessons on sewing elastic, including fold-over elastic binding, will be a breeze. There are Tips from the Fairy Bra Mother to help you master these techniques.

One thing that makes this book unique, is the inclusion of over 30 ways to modify your basic bralette pattern into styles you see in ready-to-wear but for which there is no commercial pattern available. You won’t need a pattern once you learn to change your pattern into a one-dart version or a bib front bralette. Do you know you can modify your bralette into a swim top, a full-length slip or babydoll nightwear? How about a nursing bralette? You can even retrofit your pattern for a mastectomy pocket. All these techniques and more are included with step-by-step illustrations.

Beverly Johnson - Make & Fit Bralettes Book


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