Pellon Nature's Touch Unbleached Cotton - Needle Punched - No Scrim

Natural is intended for all tones except for white and very light colored quilts. The cream color could show through a very light fabric and also the natural byproducts of cotton could bleed onto a white fabric leaving a brown stain.

1/8" loft, 3/5% shrinkage, stitching area 4" apart, needle-punched. 100% Unbleached Cotton

Pellon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton allows stitched areas up to 4". Legacy 100% Cotton batting has a low loft and is best used in machine work. For hand sewing use this 100% cotton with no scrim binder added. Cotton is a natural and renewable, sustainable fiber that has been used in quilts for centuries. The cotton fiber is strong and yet soft and has proven itself to last. Quilts are not destined for a landfill, yet quilters are conscious of the environment and are making choices to ‘do no harm’ to the earth. The growth and processing of all natural cotton does not harm the environment. It is needle punched and there are no chemicals used. Our cottons are grown and manufactured in the USA.

Cotton does not beard [aka fiber migration to the surface]. ALL cottons can shrink up to 3-5%. Should you use hot temperatures while washing and/or drying a quilt or garment, the fabrics used could shrink 3% if they are not shrunk prior to use. When gentle cycles and cool temperatures are used in washing, a finished quilt or garment made with this 100% cotton batting will be surprisingly durable. Air dry or dry laying flat for best results.

9 Yards x Pellon Nature's Touch 96" Wide 100% Cotton Batting


    Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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