Pellon® 420 Fashion Fuse™ Fusible Leather Backing is a lightweight, nonwoven, fusible interfacing that fuses at a low to medium temperature, making it ideal for use with natural and imitation leather and furs. It adds structure and definition and will support the shape of a project without affecting the hand or causing hardening. Use Fashion Fuse™ in purses, accessories, coats and other apparel.

  • Natural
  • Acid-Free 70% Rayon/30% Polyester
  • 18″ by-the-yard width
  • Lightweight, nonwoven, fusible interfacing
  • Will not affect hand of material or hardening
  • Sewing machine safe
  • Machine wash warm or cool on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or dry clean.

10 Yards x 420 Fashion Fuse™ Fusible Leather Backing


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