Print Catalog Open Dates
Novmber Order: November 5-Dec 1, 2019
Feburary Order: Feburary 1-25 2020


♡ You can now order from our entire print catalog from Feb-Nov from the 1st-25th of each month, it will not be available Dec-Jan. Whenever you place your order, standard processing times apply from the last day order day of each month. If you place your order on November 15, it will arrive in 6-12 weeks from November 25. Every new print collection released each month will be added to our print catalog for future orders.
♡ If you're interested in purchasing more than 10 yards (of the same print on the same base of fabric) please contact us for a wholesale discount code at sales@libellesewing.com. 

♡ Flaws are considered anything larger than the size of a quarter not on the selvedge edge. The selvedge edge may have small 0.5cm-1cm spots which comes up on less than 1% of our printed fabric. We always try our best to ensure no customers receive flawed fabric. 

Checking Out: 
  1. Click on your print. 
  2. Select your base. A price will only appear after you've select your base fabric. If you're on a cell phone, the price may show up above, beside or below the main image.   
  3. If you'd like a base not listed from the drop down, please contact us.


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We ship from Burlington, ON Canada and Buffalo, NY USA.


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