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♡ I pre-ordered something, where is it? 

We have a google drive pre-order tracker which can be found here.

Pre-order processing takes 6-8 weeks starting from the day the round closes.

♡ Do you do custom orders?

Yes we do. We require high quality graphics for printing and also have an in-house graphic design artist that can assist you at an hourly rate if needed. 

♡ Do you offer wholesale pricing? 

We do offer wholesale pricing on bulk purchases. This is typically anywhere from 10-50 continious metres of the same print, flat rate shipping is not availble for wholesale purchases. 

♡ Do you accept returns? 

Due to the custom nature of our business, we do not accept returns. If you're unsure of the colour, tone or texture of a product you want to purchase, please contact us. We are always willing to send more photos or arrange an order of free samples at the cost of standard shipping (Lettermail, USPS First Class Standard, International Standard).

♡ What payment methods do you accept?

All Canadian Debit/Credit Cards, International/US Credit cards, PayPal and EMT (Email Money Transfer, Canada Only). 

US/INTL Debit cards do not work with our direct check out.

♡ Regarding custom printed fabric:

Custom printed fabric can occasionally have flaws due to the printing process. We consider flaws anything larger than the size of a quarter that is not along selvage edge that does not wash out. Sometimes small dust marks are common. It is common for the selvage edge to have small ink spots usually ranging from .5cm-2cm, so far these ink spots show up on less than 5% of the fabric we receive, and most of the time we receive no flawed fabric at all . With that, we try to ensure no custom fabric is flawed to the best of our ability but when ordering, and pre-orders always get the first pick of the best selection we have available. Please be mindful that minor flaws are a possibility. Retail options are usually limited, so most of the time no replacement is available. There are usually several months in between our custom print orders, so we feel it is unfair to have you wait several months for replacement, and we do not want your Paypal purchase protection to expire within that time frame. If your fabric is flawed, we will normally offer a fair discount based on the type of flaw and size before shipping. If you don't want the flawed fabric or discount, you will be refunded and it will not be shipped to you. If the flaw has been noticed after it has been shipped and the fabric cannot be used, it must be destroyed where the product is no longer usable and a refund will be issued. Due to shipping costs and us not re-selling any merchandise that has left our warehouse, we do not offer returns/exchanges.

Custom Fabric Care Instructions: 

Wash printed fabrics in cold or warm water with a detergent free of bleach/hydrogen peroxide. Normally your basic or sensitive detergents work well (Gain, Persil, Tide Free & Clear). Avoid ones with added "oxygen" or stain removers the first few times you wash your fabric. Do not overload your washer or dryer when washing fabric. Wash with like-colours. Lint can sometimes get stuck to darker custom printed fabrics, making it appear faded, thsi is where washing in like-colours is helpful or if you wash again you'll find the faded appearance has resolved it's self. 


TIP: To also help resist colour fading, adding 1/4-1/2 C of vinegar to your first wash is an economical way to prevent colour from fading with all new fabrics and clothing. Dry finished garments inside out or hang dry to extend the life of your garment. 

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